10/05/2021 District PTC Meeting

Glendale PTC – Tuesday October 5, 2021 – DISTRICT MEETING

* Dr Staloch Presentation – Upcoming Tech Levy Information *

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson

  • Glendale Games fundraiser, teachers having fun making videos to encourage students
  • Curriculum has started
  • Reading and specialty groups have started meeting

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor

  • E-Stem day on Thursday, October 7th
  • General school processes (i.e. lunch/recess) are getting better
  • Recent all school meeting held around the media center on both levels was a success and they plan to do more in the future
  • “WIN” time has potential of returning to classrooms
  • Wold Ridge – cancelled for this year and they plan to use already fundraised $ towards other activities that will give the students a similar learning lesson around the metro

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

Event Coordinators / Miscellaneous Projects: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen, Hillary Slama, Sarah Kallberg

  • Restaurant Nights
    • Chipotle tonight, Whiskey Inferno 10/26
    • 2-3 fundraisers planned for November, still confirming dates
  • Buzz Book
    • Averaging only 4-5 families participating per class … will reach out one more time to families in early November and then publish  

Glenmart: Nicole Boyles

  • 22 students hired to help run Glenmart
  • 4/5th grade shopping this Friday!

Snack Cart: Jessica Lane

DOGS: Scott Sanborn

  • 9/24 Kickoff with Kickball was a success – 29 new names for the DOGS distro list, about 200 people attended
  • Homecoming tailgate
  • Potential for the winter blast to happen this year, but not planning to do the pancake breakfast event
  • Working on a door for the gaga ball pit and a new PLSAS DOGS website

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Timberwolves Game – Feb 6, 2022
    • Tickets will be about $24 with no fundraiser, event date is mascot birthday party with lots of extra family activities, etc.
  • Spirit Wear – hopefully receiving this week!
  • Review Request for Funds submitted by Michelle Bahr
    • Will invite Mrs Bahr to join the next PTC meeting to talk through how these will be used
  • The Glendale Games – October 15th
    • Goal of $30,000
      • Indoor Mural
        • Will start working with district facilities team on approval of space
      • New di-cut machine/Cricut
      • Classroom Enrichment
        • Extra headphones and mice for student use
        • Class sets of calming fidgets
        • Rainy day bags: board games, cribbage boards, decks of cards, etc.
        • Flexible Seating updates
      • Stage or curtain for classroom performances … outdoor amphitheater
      • 2 additional picnic tables
    • Jenny Olson and Sarah Kallberg leading the games and volunteers
      • All items ordered for games and signs complete for each
      • Almost all volunteer spots have been filled, 2 openings out of about 50

Upcoming Dates:

               Oct 15                   The Glendale Games 2021

               Nov 9                    6:30 PTC Meeting (not 11/2 due to election night)