10/06/2020 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC – Tuesday October 6, 2020

Attendee Introduction: Elizabeth Soucoup, Jennifer Molitor, Josh Mueller, Melanie Anderson, Nicole Boyles, Shannon Heinzelman

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson 

  • Not a lot to report, teachers are just surviving. 
  • It is great to have the kids here, it’s so great to have them, just trying to find all the balance of home days and in person days.
    • Gaga pit? No for now, because of Covid.  We are not sure on location yet, when the time comes.
    • Teachers are wondering about the fundraiser? Our goal is to do the Fun Run in the spring.  Carnival most likely will not happen in the spring due to Covid. We might have to change to read-a-thon if we aren’t able to do the Fun Run. Spirit week is just something fun – we aren’t asking families for money right now but we are doing a mini silent auction during the spirit week on our Facebook group. We need to direct more families to our PTC Facebook page.

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor 

  • We are adjusting well to our A/B schedule and our flex day went very well, with 115 students enrolled.  We will reevaluate after 5 weeks.
  • We are enjoying our outdoor learning.
  • Picture day went well, DLA kids have also had an opportunity to sign up and come in.
  • We had our first fire drills of the year for both groups A and B.  We will do some additional fire drills Thursday and Friday because the weather is nice.
  • We don’t do a whole school evacuation yet where we go to Lifetime, normally we do it in October but we will wait for spring.
  • How is hybrid learning going for you?
  • As we go on this journey, the elementary principals will be creating a survey to hear about how things are going?
  • Monday (yesterday) we celebrated World Teacher Day

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • 3 of 41 teachers have requested/received allocation 
  • The taxes have been submitted and we should be getting a paper copy soon.
  • Allocation forms will be picked up and checks will be dropped off on Wednesdays
  • If all goes as planned we started the year at $25,700  and should end at $11,365

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Restaurant fundraising nights
    • Noodles: Tues 9/22 … raised $210
    • Edelweiss: Fri 9/25 … raised $464
    • McHughs: Sun 10/4 … raised $168
    • Davannis: 2nd Monday of each month, starting in Oct 12 (20% of qualifying orders)  
    • Tin Shed: 10/30-31 (15% of qualifying orders)
  • Buzz Book
    • About 190 entries received

DOGS: Scott Sanborn 

  • Glenmart is finished

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Facebook site 
    • Promo to attract parents to the site with giveaway incentive postponed
    • Continuing to post ways PTC is working (i.e. Gus Bus)
  • School Spirit wear online store – we will be getting $278 back from our sales
    • Potential pick up event Oct 26-27
  • Fall Spirit Week (Oct 19-23)
    • Students dress up days
    • Student BINGO cards – all who show participation will be given a prize and entered for larger door prizes
    • Facebook silent auction – 21 items currently planned, minimum bid value of $580
      • Any money that we make will go towards outdoor learning
        • Melanie did a survey with the reps for each grade level to see what teachers would prioritize. Waterproof seat cushions, wagon, field microscopes, lanyards for masks, beach towels, 5 gallon buckets, teacher board, snow shoes, etc.
  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart 

** Next PTC Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th