11/09/2021 PTC Meeting

Glendale PTC – Tuesday November 9, 2021

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting

Jennifer Molitor, Nicole Boyles, Scott Sanborn, Sarah Barbera, Elizabeth Soucoup, Melanie Anderson, Josh Mueller, Michelle Bahr, Shannon Heinzelman

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson 

  • End of quarter, final assessments, happy to have been in school for a full quarter
  • Review funding request from Michelle Bahr $4500
    • New scooters for gym, current ones are 23 years old. Currently do not have enough for all the students.
  • Review funding request from Elisabeth Ammerman $150 approved
    • Mindful Art Student Group – helps young people connect and control emotions and helps feeling of belonging.  The group is already put together, she just needs supplies.
  • Review funding request from Tasha Guswiler $80.35
    • Glendale needs clay for curriculum.
  • Gaga ball pit – rules sign needed
    • Scott and the DOGS have the rules and will move forward with the sign.

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor 

-Picture retakes are on Monday.

-Conferences are next week. 

-As of today we are still planning to offer in person.

-Still planning on the book fair.

-Waiting to finalize some plans for Wolf Ridge with the other schools.

-Huge shoutout to the families who have volunteered to help out in the lunch rooms.

-If you know anybody, we are looking for paraprofessionals, subs, lunch room, etc.  

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Taxes have been submitted and should be finalized in the next few weeks – deadline to file is 12/15
  • 3 of 39 teachers have requested/received allocations
  • Glendale Games — $31,078.46 after fees, expenses, etc. 
  • Current cash position — $41,952.91
    • Projecting end of year ~$15,280

Event Coordinators / Miscellaneous Projects: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen, Hillary Slama, Sarah Kallberg

  • Restaurant Nights
    • Chipotle brought in $312.00
    • Whiskey Inferno brought in $618.00
    • Upcoming Events: Jersey Mikes (Nov 16-17), Noodles (Dec 8), Davannis (Dec 15), Eileens (Jan 1-21)
  • Buzz Book – potential to include sign up during fall conferences

Glenmart: Nicole Boyles

  • 10/8, 10/28, 11/5 sales of $630.91

Snack Cart: Jessica Lane

DOGS: Scott Sanborn 

  • Leadership meeting next week
  • Bean bag tournament in January

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Timberwolves Game – Feb 6 2:30pm
    • Tickets $24 with no fundraiser 
    • On court free throw after the game
  • The Glendale Games – listed in current order of priority
    • Indoor Mural
    • Classroom Enrichment
      • Extra headphones and mice for student use
      • Class sets of calming fidgets
      • Rainy day bags: board games, cribbage boards, decks of cards, etc.
      • Globes
      • Flexible Seating updates
    • 2 additional picnic tables
    • Grades 3-5 would like a digital subscription to the app Flocabulary
    • Yard size games for recess: connect 4, golf ball, big jenga, giant checkers, ect.
    • New di-cut machine/Cricut
    • Stage or curtain for classroom performances … outdoor amphitheater 
    • New printers for each grade level and/or more ink cartridges for the current printers
  • Paar Sports fundraiser: totes and backpacks, brought in $150 and can reopen link in spring 
  • Yearbook: cover contest winners have been selected and will be announced soon 

Upcoming Dates:

Nov 18 Fall Conferences PTC Potluck Dinner for Staff

Dec 7 PTC Meeting