05/18/2021 PTC Meeting Notes

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting: Jennifer Molitor, Nicole Boyles, Scott Sanborn, Josh Mueller, Britni Kesselring, Shannon Heinzelman

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson 

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor 

-Thank you for everything the PTC did for the staff.

-Teachers and kids are excited about the outdoor learning spaces, picnic tables, and all the books.

-The governor did change the mask mandate but for schools we are still under the safe learning plan until the last day of teacher contracts, which is June 10.  We are hoping for a near normal start next school year.

-We sent a video out to incoming kindergarten families so they get a feel for what to expect.

-Finishing MCAs with a make up group wrapping up tomorrow.

-Next we move right in to fast bridge.

-Tomorrow is sports day, next week is rainbow day.

-Graduation will be an outdoor drive through.

-5th graders wrapped up with Wolf Ridge today, they did a great job for the kids since they couldn’t attend

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Books and outdoor learning gear purchased – spent roughly $14,000 of the budgeted $15,000
  • A few outstanding items Josh is following up with Heather on: Tumblebook subscription, printing/ink, etc. 
  • Items not spent that are still in the budget:
    • Hope Foundation $1000 (used on an as-needed basis as situations arise)
    • Laker Education Foundation $100
    • Environmental Education Day $3000 (Not this year, we are booked for October 7 in the fall)
    • Playground Bags $250

-We have about $20,000 before the gaga pit, we will be at about half that once we purchase it.

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Restaurant nights complete!
  • We are starting to plan for the fall.
  • We made $3,838 from restaurant nights. 

DOGS: Scott Sanborn 

  • Represented Glendale at the all-district Grainwood shed clean out project last weekend. 
  • DOGS have had a lot going on over the last couple weeks.  14 people showed up to the last meeting.
  • This Saturday we are painting the playground, weather permitting.  
  • Meeting with Mrs Molitor to figure out easel locations.
  • We are in planning stages but close to finalizing a golf event on August 5.  8 schools will be involved. Raffles, silent auctions, food, etc. We will promote via printed flyers, social media, etc.

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Yearbook 
    • PTC purchased 15 for 5th grade students
    • Still available to purchase – keep getting the word out
  • 5th Grade Graduation – water bottles ordered as part of their gift to students and excess will be used in Glenmart next year
  • ATW Fundraising Outstanding Items
    • Gaga Ball Pit
      • The actual pit is coming in less than budget but the suggestion from the district facilities team to have concrete covered in rubber under the pit is driving the cost up to a total of about $9000.  If we are going to do it, we want to do it right and hope that we won’t have to have much maintenance needed.  
    • Picnic table stations – complete!
    • Books for classrooms – complete! 
      • 250+ into classrooms and 82 into media center
    • Outdoor learning gear – complete!
      • Lap desks, seat cushions, backpacks, wagons, clipboards and more!

Confirmed that everyone is returning to the PTC committee next year!!

  • Elizabeth Soucoup – President 
    • Nicole Boyles – Vice President, Glenmart
    • Josh Mueller – Treasurer 
    • Shannon Heinzelman – Secretary 
    • Jenny Olson – Event Coordinator
    • Britni Kesselring – Event Coordinator: Restaurant Nights 
    • Erica Bugenhagen – Event Coordinator
  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart