Glendale PTC – Tuesday Sept 8, 2020



Attendee Introduction: Elizabeth Soucoup, Nicole Boyles, Josh Mueller, Erica Bugenhagen, Scott Sanborn, Jennifer Molitor, Sarah Barbera


Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting


Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson (n/a, Melanie traveling so not in attendance)


Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor

  • Staff appreciative of allocations, provided lunch and masks!
  • Prepping for assessment days
  • Continuing to review safety protocols


Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • $230 received from families to support masks for teachers/staff
  • Special Funding request – Tasha Guswiler – approved!
    • Specialists in block schedule with grade levels for 6 week timeframes then switching
  • No allocations reimbursements received from staff yet


Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Restaurant fundraising nights confirmed – will ensure these dates are added to the school calendar and promoted via Facebook events and Seesaw
    • Noodles: Tues 9/22 4-8pm (25% of qualifying orders)
    • Edelweiss: Fri 9/25 7am-2pm (15% all sales)
    • McHughs: Sun 10/4 4-8pm (20% qualifying orders)
    • Davannis: 2nd Monday of each month, starting in Oct (20% of qualifying orders)
    • Tin Shed: 10/30-31 (15% of qualifying orders)
  • Buzz Book
    • 45 families have participated – will promote link on Facebook again this week
      • Many were also interested in learning more about PTC!


DOGS: Scott Sanborn

  • Glenmart building has started and going well
  • Still determining which events will be possible for this fall/winter


President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • PTC Website vs. Facebook site
  • School Spirit wear online store (open until 9/25)
  • BTS Teacher Workshop Week recap
    • Sunday chalk filled sidewalks (rain washed much away but pictures were sent to staff!)
    • Jersey Mike boxed lunches on Tuesday for 50+ staff, allocation letters distributed
    • Masks in staff mailboxes Wednesday morning
  • Fall Spirit Week with online auction
    • Will pick dates in mid to late October


  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart