10/08/19 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2019 6:30 PM

Glendale Elementary Media Center

Attendance: Angie Carrigan, Adam Shryock, Mrs. Molitor, Josh Mueller, Elizabeth Soucoup, Tiff Carlson, Shannon Heinzelman, Nicole Boyles, Josh Kiefer, Mrs. Metzger, Lynn Sikkink, Amy Morrill 

Minutes Review from 9/10/19: reviewed by Shannon Heinzelman

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Metzger

  • Kindergarten went on a field trip to Gibbs Farm (part of U of M on St. Paul campus). 
  • 1st grade went to MN Harvest.
  • Bare books are being requested by 2nd, 4th and kindergarten. Will be assessed which other classes are interested along with quantity. These are typically used for memory books. Last year only 3rd grade ordered them.

Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

  • Getting ready for FUN Run, which is Wed. The date was changed due to the forecast.
  • Data on our students will be reviewed to determine what we can do to better assist our students. Looking to implement WIN (What I Need) time, which was called Extended Learning in the past.
  • MAP testing finishing this week.
  • MEA break is Wed-Mon starting next week.
  • Mon, Oct 21 is a staff development day.
  • Thur, Oct 10 the fire department is coming to meet with the kindergarten classes.
  • Tues, Oct 22 is first lock down with options drill. Focus is Run.
  • Wed, Oct 23 is unity day. Students should wear orange and there are discussions about not bulling.
  • Fri, Oct 25 is picture retake day.
  • Mon, Oct 28 is another fire drill.
  • Wed, Oct 30 is CARE breakfast with Mrs. Molitor. Cinnamon rolls and orange juice will be served.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Josh has been busy paying bills. Has also transitioned banks and is working on closing out that process.
  • Currently have $13K and at end of year, if all goes as planned, will have $25K.
  • Eight teachers have requested reimbursement.
  • Mrs. Molitor mentioned she will encourage teachers to use their budget for students this year.
  • Teachers have requested new microwaves (3).

Box Tops/ PTC website: Amy Morrill 

  • Physical Box Tops collected so far this school year total $70. On the app we have collected $50.
  • There is a new way to indicate on the app who should ‘receive credit’ for the submission. Surfaced that we could hold a contest if that would help increase submissions.
  • Plan is to do more advertising of the new process and include some suggestions on how to scan receipts right after a shopping trip and to scan the receipt even if it is unknown if there were any Box Top eligible products. Also to share how much money the school has earned in the past from Box Tops and what that money has been spent on. Each Box Top helps.
  • Amazon Smile does not bring in much money for the school. Will also look at promoting that more.
  • The new PTC website is up and running. If teachers have information they would like added to the site, that is an option. Teachers can also reference the site in SeeSaw or their weekly newsletter.

Snack Cart Report: Lynn Sikkink 

  • 363 students enrolled
  • 25 parents have submitted a donation
  • Request to provide some Gluten-free options

School Store Report: Nicole Boyles

  • 36 applicants for the School Store. Last year there were 20 working in the store so considering how many can have this year since need a position for everyone. Hope to have decision before MEA.
  • Shopping dates split up by grade.
  • Dates are scheduled through Winter Break and will be sent out before MEA.
  • Will add a part of the School Store to the website. To include pictures and prices.

DOGS Report: Josh Kiefer

  • Had first meeting a few weeks ago. Continuing to work on getting more dads involved.
  • Want to do more projects but need more dads to assist.
  • Main events are:
    • Pancake breakfast (date TBD – ideas are Nov 9 or 16)
    • Winter blast (discussing doing joint event with Redtail at Lakefront Park)
    • Smores at a themed event (last year was reading focused)
  • Will wait until next year to update the paint / colors on the playground.
  • Encourages teachers to reach out to Mrs. Molitor with requests for project help. In the past built a Lego wall and shortened tables.
  • Junior Achievement is an area they are hoping to get additional involvement from dads.

Event Coordinators Report: Elizabeth Soucoup

  • Back to School night went well. Estimated 350 people attended. Went through lots of pizza. Purchased snacks for snack walk and rented some large games. Earned $50-100.
  • Starting to plan Fall Conference Dinner for teachers. A sign-up genius will be sent out.
  • Working on ESTEM day that is in January. Not planning to use Baakan Museum since they have charged us and others have not. Working on flyers, BINGO cards and what will be planned for food.

President/ Vice President Report: Angie Carrigan and Elizabeth Soucoup

  • FUN Run date has been changed to Wed, 10/9 due to the weather forecast. Have $17K online so far. Plan to count physical checks later this week. Three classes have met their goal. Fifteen students have earned $250 or more. Should have enough volunteers. Raffle tickets will be handed out on Mon, 10/18.
  • Classroom request for new playground equipment since some needs to be replenished. Some teachers have responded about what they need to be replaced. Plan to look at Five Below to meet these requests using FUN Run money.
  • Teachers have indicated they would like flexible seating more than a Gaga Pit, which would go outside and the kids have asked for. Considering how we can do both by looking at various options on how to have someone potentially make the Gaga Pit.
  • Also asked teachers for other ideas and responses include: large games, die-cut machine, field trips, front of the school feature for outdoor learning, poster maker, renting soccer dome for a day of activities. Concern is always with storage. An idea was surfaced to purchase a shed to store some of the outdoor equipment.
  • Request for new microwaves was submitted by Mrs. Gus. Since Josh works for Best Buy he is able to get a good deal to purchase three. Angie motioned and Elizabeth seconded the motion.
  • The PTC purchased new chairs for Heather and Dawn. They provided a picture thank you.
  • Nov meeting is moved to Nov 4 due to Election Night.