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Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

October 9th, 2018 6:30 PM

Glendale Elementary Media Center


Attendance: Angie Carrigan, Shannon Davis, Chris Jerke, Jennifer Molitor, Josh Mueller, Kassandra Miller, Nicole Boyles, Angie Caputo

Minutes Review from 9/11/18: reviewed by Kassandra Miller


Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Jerke

  • The school year is off to a great start and everyone is now in their normal routines.
  • Classes have been incorporating 2nd step into morning meetings and utilizing it throughout the day.
  • ESTEM day was successful all around.
  • The Fun Run was also a successful event again this year. Students greatly enjoyed the spirit week in anticipation of the Fun Run.
  • Mrs. Jerke’s class is doing research on flexible seating for classrooms and would like to present it to the PTC mid-November.


Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

  • ESTEM and Fun Run were both great events this past month. Students and staff enjoyed both.
  • Students have been able to pick pumpkins and potatoes from the garden.
  • The custodians are teaching students about recycling in the classrooms.
  • 5th graders will be going to Wolf Ridge soon.
  • Mrs. Ryan has been bringing Bully Awareness to each classroom.
  • Classrooms have been reviewing “Be safe, be respectful, be responsible” and reflecting on behavior and choices with it.
  • Each classroom is having a chance to update the Glendale Facebook page with their learning experiences and allowing others to get to know each class. They will continue this through the year.
  • Flexible seating was discussed and is being researched. Mrs. Molitor is reviewing Shakopee High School and another school. The goal is to gather as much research and then find options that would best fit the students at Glendale.


Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • $1900 in teacher allocations has been dispersed thus far. Josh will reach out to teachers after the holidays if they have not submitted any requests to see if they still plan on utilizing their funds for their classes.
  • Classroom easels were purchased.
  • Profits from back to school night and the Fun Run are being totaled, but are looking positive.


Box Tops/ Labels for Education/ Milk Moola: Amy Morrill via Angie Carrigan

  • The first mailing of BoxTops is being sent in at the end of October


Snack Cart Report: Lynn Sikkink via Angie Carrigan

  • 356 students signed-up for snack cart this year.
  • 27 full-year scholarship donations were given, as well as $355 in other donations for snack cart scholarships.
  • The total scholarships that were disbursed were 43.
  • After all scholarships, the snack cart has $21,775 to use for the school year.


School Store Report: Nicole Boyles

  • Twenty-Eight 5th graders applied for Glenmart, 16 will be selected.
  • Coordinators will be looking at those who applied and see if students are involved in other activities such as junior naturalists, etc. Invites will go out by Oct 15.
  • Water bottles were ordered and synch bags are being looked into via T-shirts and More, and the Laker store.
  • Headbands and beanies were discussed and will be looked into.
  • Placement of the school store and timing were also discussed. Possible locations include the entryway or lost & found area.
  • Having the store open from 9:20-9:45 AM sounds like the best time to not disrupt learning.
  • An extra set of keys will be made for the storage. School store will be open Friday before Thanksgiving.


DOGS Report: Josh Mueller & Mrs. Molitor

  • The landscaping is being done by the Eagle Scouts this weekend.
  • The outdoor learning area is also being updated with new stumps.
  • Planning for the pancake breakfast will take place on October 23.


Event Coordinators Report: Angie Caputo

  • Back to school night was a great success. They made a large profit from the food sales in comparison to previous years.
  • ESTEM night planning is underway.
  • The Davanni’s night on October 8th brought in $302.37 in funds.
  • The PTC/ parent volunteers will supply the school conference dinner for November 15.
  • Mrs. Jerke will ask what teachers preferred: soups and sandwiches, pulled pork, tacos, etc.


President/ Vice President Report: Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

  • The Fun Run was another great success. The total is pending, but current counts were $35,684. Expenses and final numbers were not included yet. Teachers will ask students about the obstacles, which ones they enjoyed, to gain information for next year.
  • ELKAY water dispensers for filling water bottles was discussed. Mrs. Molitor is looking into getting more information.
  • A motion to trade-in the current Die-Cut machine for a new one at the cost of $310 was made by Angie Carrigan, seconded by Shannon Davis and agreed by all.
  • Lori from the Spirit Wear store is putting together info and sending it out to students rather than having the PTC be the middle-man.



Nov 10        8:30-11:00 AM        DOGS Pancake Breakfast

Nov 13        6:30 PM                    PTC Meeting

Nov 15        3:00-7:00 PM          PTC Teacher Conf Dinners