Glendale PTC – Tuesday November 10, 2020

Attendee Introduction: Jennifer Molitor, Nicole Boyles, Melanie Anderson, Josh Mueller, Erica Bugenhagen, Scott Sanborn, Jennifer Olson, Elizabeth Soucoup, Sarah Barbera, Britni Kesserling, Shannon Heinzelman


Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting


Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson 

-Teachers are hanging in there.  Past survival mode but now treading water.

-Preparing for distance learning and also getting ready for parent teacher conferences.

-1st-3rd grade are publishing their first piece of writing.

-3rd graders are creating their own countries.

-We are looking forward to connecting with families at conferences.


Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor 

-I would echo what Melanie said

-teachers are getting set up and ready for conferences so we can check in and see how things are going with everybody

-otherwise we are working from day to day and enjoying every minute we have with our kids because we don’t know what the future will hold with the covid numbers going up. We are taking advantage of all the time we have with the kids.


Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • I have cleaned up everything but kept everything so we still have it for next year.  We are looking to finish the year around $18,320.  
  • 13 teacher allocations have been reimbursed, continuing to check on Wednesday’s. 50/50 on Zelle and checks. We are asking all teachers to turn allocations in by the end of 2020.
  • Taxes have been received.
  • $969 brought in from virtual silent auction – via cash/check and venmo.
  • We have earned over $1,200 from food nights out.

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Upcoming Restaurant fundraising nights
    • Davannis: 11/9, 12/14
    • Freddy’s: 11/18, 4-8pm – we will send a flyer home.
    • Teresa’s: December TBD
    • Trying to work something out with Chipotle.
    • The new Mexican restaurant in Savage is also interested so we are working on that.
    • Britni will check with Whiskey Inferno too.
    • Tin Shed donated extra money beyond what we earned.
    • The BUZZ book was sent out a few weeks ago – we only sent it out to the people who have opted in.  We will make updates and additions then send it back out again after the new year.


DOGS: Scott Sanborn 

-I am very excited we are doing the coffee gift cards for conferences.

-We haven’t been able to meet yet and we haven’t done anything, but I would like to get something up and running..


President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Kelsey Smith (Speech Language Pathologist) – request for funds $149.   She is asking for $249 in total but will use her reimbursement money for an online database membership.  It will help her with scheduling and making sure she is using quality materials.  It will be great for distance learning and families to access these things safely. PTC approved this funding.
  • Virtual Silent Auction
    • We sold all of the silent auction items and made almost $1,000.
    • Outdoor learning supplies next steps – we will be using all the money from the auction for the teachers.  Are we better off buying stuff for distance learning or outdoor supplies?  We could get outdoor stuff with a long term use in mind, teachers are really enjoying outdoor learning.
  • Fall Conferences – snacks for staff? 
    • DOGS are willing to get $10 gift cards to Starbucks for each teacher.
    • A variety of snacks and drinks will be provided for the teachers, we will put a sign up genius together for any families who want to contribute.
  • Spring Fun Run planning 
  • Cherry Berry $5 gift certificates 
    • We have 40-50 certificates that will expire at the end of the year, can we distribute to students somehow?
  • Yearbook process updates 
    • Nicole Boyles has taken this on from Mrs. Gus.  Please remind teachers to keep taking pictures so we can still remember the year.
    • The cover contest goes until Friday.  Nicole will check with Mrs. Gus to see if she needs help choosing a winner.
  • Recent Parent and Staff Feedback/Communication
    • Parent request for PTC stance on Anti-Racism, Elizabeth did respond, but didn’t get a reply back.
      • Potential Spring Book Drive?!
        • We talked about having a book drive with more diversity in authors, characters, etc…
      • Parent suggestion to do food truck events in the parking lot, maybe we can revisit in the spring
      • Staff request to reevaluate allocation amounts for grade level teachers vs SPED
        • 6 full time case managers specifically for Glendale, allocations have been given for this year but we could reevaluate for next year.


  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart 

** Next PTC Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, December 1st