11/04/19 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2019 6:30 PM

Glendale Media Center


Attendance: Angie Carrigan, Mrs. Molitor, Melanie Anderson, Shannon Heinzelman, Nicole Boyles, Angie Caputo, Elizabeth Soucoup, 

Minutes Review from  October meeting: Reviewed by Shannon Heinzelman

Teachers Report: Mrs. Anderson

  • ESTEM science fair
  • Science guy possibly coming to classroom, there has been some communication via email
  • Teachers are wrapping up grading and getting ready for conferences
  • Our early release ESTEM day:
    • 1st grade: all about bats
    • 2nd grade: pumpkins (Gratz), games, kinex, etc for the rest
    • 3rd grade: We do Lego kits
    • 4th grade: creating board games
    • 5th grade: engineering and designing catapults
  • Teachers requested smaller balls for the recess bags

Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

  • All school meeting Wednesday at 9:30
  • Conferences are coming up
  • November 15 is the PJ and cinnamon roll party from the Fun Run
  • November 16 is the Pancake breakfast. There are plans to get a bouncy house.
  • November 18 is when 5th grade leaves for Wolf Ridge
  • Video district reunification process
    • An email came out with more details from Dr. Staloch
    • Safety steps to reunite students with their parents after emergency lockdown etc.
    • We have district office employees and others who have volunteered to help reunite families if there were ever a situation
    • We have to have support for staff, students and families in place. The way we deal with unfortunate situations from the beginning can have a different impact on the way they deal with and process it
    • I Love You Guys Foundation: Mrs. Molitor flew to a conference where they heard from survivors or family members from VA Tech, Sandy Hook (mom), Columbine (principal), etc. as well as the founders of the foundation. It was life changing. They have a website and all the content is free.

Box Tops: Amy Morrill

  • Box Top submissions are processed twice a year: Nov 1 and March 1.
  • The submissions sent the last week of October should bring in $562.20!  I submit them based on expiration date so this amount is based on collecting them since Nov 1, 2018. The check will be mailed to Glendale in December.
  • At this time the online Box Top generation is at $57.30 (since the app was introduced last sprint).

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • We’ll have around $30,000 unspent at the end of the year. This number is higher than what has been mentioned in the past because we were only requested to give $1,000 instead of the budgeted $2,000 for Wolf Ridge and the Fun Run brought in an additional $4,000 more than budgeted.
  • I haven’t checked the box in a couple of weeks so there may be more teacher allocations and reimbursements that need to be made.
  • The old National Bank account is completely closed now so we are only working with the new US Bank account now.

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • No update

School Store: Nicole Boyles

  • 22 5th grade students hired (2 shifts of 11 students)
  • Two very successful opening days on Oct 25 and Nov 1
  • Purchasing items specifically for Life Skills students and will hold a special shopping day just for them
  • The SMORE has been added to the PTC website

Event Coordinators: Jenn DuBore/Angie Caputo/Angies Rolle/Elizabeth Soucoup

  • The sign-up genius for the teacher conference dinner is almost full. Soups and sandwiches will be served.
  • ESTEM night is being moving to a different night due to schedule conflicts. January 10 is possible date change. 

DOGS: Josh Kieffer

  • No update

President/Vice President: Angie Carrigan and Elizabeth Soucoup

  • Fun Run all school meeting celebration
  • Karoke party will be November 26 in the lunchroom. Two groups from 2:30-3 and 3-3:30
  • Superstar kids will be getting recognized at the all school meeting and they will get medals and Target gift cards. The top earning class will also get medals and Cherry Berry gift cards


November 11: Davanni’s night (4th grade volunteers)

November 14 3-7: Teacher conference dinners

December 9: Davanni’s night (3rd grade volunteers)

January TBD 6:15-8: PTC ESTEM Night

February 7: DOGS Sledding Party

February 10: Davanni’s night (2nd grade volunteers)

February 26: Spring Picture Day 

March 9: Davanni’s night (1st grade volunteers)

April 9 3-7: PTC Teacher Conf Dinner

April 13: Davanni’s night (kindergarten volunteers)

April 18 11-3: PTC Carnival

May 4-8: Teacher Appreciate Week

May 11: Davanni’s night (all school offered to volunteer)

June 4: PTC Teacher Luncheon

PTC Meetings for 2019/2020

  • December 10
  • January 14
  • February 11
  • March 9
  • April 7
  • May 12