12/11/18 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC Minutes

December 11, 2018, 6:30 PM

Glendale Media Center

Attendees:Mrs. Jerke, Mrs. Molitor, Amy Jones, Nicole Boyles, Angie Carrigan, Angie Caputo, Shannon Davis, and Lynn Sikkink

Minutes Review from 11/13/2018: reviewed by Shannon

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Jerke

  • Preparation for winter celebrations are underway.  3rd grade will be building sleds out of cardboard.   3rd  grade classrooms will need cardboard and lots of duct tape.  Other grades are still figuring out ideas.
  • Presentation for flex seating done by a 3rd grade class (Mrs. Jerke) to the PTC representatives was very successful.  They were well prepared and content was informative.  
  • Technology committee is requesting styluses for each classroom for iPad.

Treasurer’s Report: 

  • Taxes have been filed.  
  • The Get Moving Crew check has been deposited for the fun run. 
  • 14 of 45 teacher allocations have been paid out. 

Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

  • December 20, 2019 are the winter celebrations.  Kindergarten will be building gingerbread houses.  2nd grade will be doing solid liquid and gases.  3rd grade will be doing cardboard sleds.  5th grade will be doing colonial crafts. 
  • The dress rehearsal for the choir concert went well. 
  • The Laker leaders are starting to write positive notes to the staff. 
  • Striving to keep kids’ kind to each other. 
  • They are getting ready for the new year. 
  • With 100 + more students this year it will be difficult to have an all school Valentine’s Day celebration.  Therefore, it will turn into a Kindness day with an I Love to Read tie in.  Teachers want to do their own thing in their classrooms and focus on kindness.  The author will visit in the morning and kindness day will be in the afternoon.

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola: Amy Morrill

  • No updates

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • No updates

School Store: Amy Jones and Nicole Boyles

  • The school store has been open 3 Fridays and we have made $383.00. 
  • It has taken longer than anticipated to get the kids through, therefore they will start having 3 cashiers instead of 2. 
  • Jav did some maintenance on the Store storage cabinet. 
  • Water bottles and hair ties are selling well.

Event Coordinators: Angie Caputo/Angie Rolle / Jenn DuBore

  • ESTEM is January 18, 2019.  They are planning on having 300 + people.  They are planning on a meal deal for food.  Options are Pizza and hot dogs.  Emails will be going out for sign-up genius.
  • December 19 will be a coordinator meeting. 

DOGS: Jeff Kiefer

  • Dogs are getting ready for sledding night.  They have received the request for whisper phones for the classrooms.

President/Vice-President: Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

  • I Love to Read budget was reduced to $500.00 from $100.00. 
  • A motion to pass $360.00 for Styluses was passed.
  • The Glendale Carnival will be March 23rd 2019 from 11 am-3pm.   January we will be sending out information on the Carnival and looking for people to shadow and help make this year a success.  We will have several areas that we will need extra help at the Carnival.  We will continue to do the classroom baskets.


January 8- PTC Meeting @ Glendale 6:30pm

January 18-PTC ESTEM Night 6:15-8:00pm

February- I Love to Read Month

February 1-DOGS Winter Blast

February 12-PTC Meeting @ Glendale 6:30pm

February 22-I love to read night 6:30-8:00pm

February 27- Spring Picture Day

March 5-PTC Meeting @ Glendale 6:30pm

March 14- PTC Teacher Conference Dinner 3:00-7:00pm

March 23- PTC Carnival 11:00-3:00pm

April 9-PTC Meeting @ Glendale 6:30pm

May 7-PTC Meeting @ Glendale 6:30pm

May 31- PTC End of the Year Party 6:30-8:00pm