Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes– Monday August 17, 2020

2020 PTC Board Members

Elizabeth Soucoup, President

Nicole Boyles, Vice President

Josh Mueller, Treasurer

Shannon Heinzelman, Secretary

Britni Kesselring, Event Coordinator

Jenny Olson, Event Coordinator

Erica Bugenhagen, Event Coordinator

(open) PTC website maintenance

Nicole Boyles, School Store

Lynn Sikkink,  Snack Cart (on hold for 2020-2021 school year)

Scott Sanborn,  D.O.G.S.

Attendee Introduction (7): Elizabeth Soucoup, Sara Barbera, Jenny Olson, Josh Mueller, Nicole Boyles, Shannon Heinzelman, Scott Sanborn

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting:

     – Approved $1000 to Hamilton Ridge new PTC

     – Approved $250 to Liz Ammerman (Social Worker) for donated clothing storage


Teacher’s Report: We don’t know who the teacher reps will be yet.


Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor (not in attendance)

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

     -Teachers have to be reimbursed after they purchase items.

     – We currently have $24,000.

     – We are getting a lot of corporate matches ($5,000).

     – Carnival was lowered to $10,000 coming in.

     – Fun Run lowered to $15,000 coming in.

     – Staff appreciation (welcome lunch, teacher appreciation, etc.) still at $1,750

     – Field trips budget down to 0.

Glenmart School Store: Nicole Boyles

     – Program currently on hold, can move ahead on building new store for at school storage of items

Event Coordinator: Britni Kesselring

     – Restaurant fundraising nights confirmed

          o Davannis: 2nd Monday of each month (20% of qualifying orders)

          o Noodles: 9/22 4-8pm (25% of qualifying orders)

          o Tin Shed: 10/30-31 (15% of qualifying orders)

          o McHughs: date preference??

     – Facebook page presence

DOGS: Scott Sanborn

     – Folder Program on hold

     – Building storage for Lost and Found on hold

     – Mrs. Molitor has asked per request of some teachers if we could build plexiglass dividers 

         for tables.  We haven’t been able to move forward with it yet.

     – Building store for Glenmart

     – DOGS haven’t had a chance to meet, hoping for September.

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

     – Box Tops / AmazonSmile / Coca Cola Give programs are all online

     – PTC Website

          -Does anybody use it? Should we discontinue it and use Facebook?

     – Snack Cart program on hold

     – School Spirit wear online store

          -We’ve been in contact with two companies for WE ARE GLENDALE shirt and another    

               Glendale option.  They would also have a mask option.

     – Do we have money for extra masks/face shields for teachers? We can ask teachers what  

               they need.

     – Buzz Book

          -Entire school directory, we are going to try to bring it back, parents will need to opt-in to it

     – Fun Run Alternatives

          -We won’t be able to have our typical Fun Run this year.  We can brainstorm other ideas 

              or push this back and hope to do it in the spring.

          -Can we do an online silent auction? Spirit week?

     – BTS Teacher Workshop Decorations/Appreciation (lunch provided in the past)

          -Can we do a lunch outside? Decorate/chalk outside?

          -We won’t be able to have a back to school night.

     – Vote on new PTC members: Jenny Olson and Erica Bugenhagen – event coordinators