02/11/2020 PTC Meeting Notes

February 11, 2020 6:30 p.m.

Glendale Media Center

Attendees: Angie Carrigan, Jennifer Molitor, Josh Mueller, Elizabeth Soucoup, Melanie Anderson, Scott Sanborn, Lynn Sikkink, Angie Caputo, Shannon Heinzelman

Minutes Read from Prior PTC Mtg: Shannon Heinzelman

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Anderson or Mrs. Metzger

  • National School Folders Presentation
    • Free take home folder for each student at the school, local businesses will be printed on the ad, if they have enough businesses we will also get money for the school.
  • Testing month is over and we are looking forward to some solid weeks of teaching before spring break
  • Our nights are going really well but some others have mentioned doing events earlier in the afternoon.

Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Molitor

  • We had a very successful DOGS Winter Blast last week. The gym was closed and it was nice enough for families to be outside.
  • Thanks to Scott for stepping up to lead the DOGS
  • We are currently celebrating kindness week. Laker Leaders are doing a food drive. Kindergarten is visiting a retirement community. First grade is decorating bags for meals on wheels. 2nd graders are writing kind notes to classmates on hearts. 3rd graders are making kindness hearts, stop and scribble, and kindness art project.  4th grade is having a mini kindness retreat and writing kind messages on hearts followed by classroom snacks. 5th is making kindness posters, cards, and energy packs for the homeless.
  • No school on Monday, it is a workshop day for staff.
  • Is there a way to organize the lost and found better?

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Taxes for 2018/2019 school year have been filed. The fee was $450 which was up a little from last year.
  • 14 reimbursements for teacher allocations year to date
  • Projected cash balance at the end of the year $30-31,000 (versus budget of $25,000) driven primarily due to higher than budgeted corporate donations/matches – we are at $4,300 already. Some of that money will be going to the gaga pit and painting of the gym.

 Box Tops:  Amy Morrill

  • I have received ~$75 of physical Box Tops since the last submission on November 1.
  • Since expiration dates on them have not passed, I will not submit them for the March 1 deadline and will instead submit them at the end of the school year.
  • Here is a two minute video from the company on How to Scan with the Box Tops Mobile App: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWuXDKejVEg&feature=youtu.be. This can be added to any upcoming newsletters or communications.

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • No updates

School Store: Nicole Boyles

  • No Glenmart updates
  • We donated four $5 gift certificates as prizes for I love to Read Month

DOGS: Josh Keifer/Scott Sanborn

  • The winter blast was last Friday.  We had a really good turnout and decent weather.
  • My big focus on coming into this role with the dogs is to increase participation and attendance at the meetings.  I would like to update where we have the meetings and try to give the dads a reason to attend the meetings. Went to Jeffers Pond meeting last night to see how they do things.
  • DOGS would like more visibility within the school. We want posters up at the school so dads can easily see it and get our information.
  • We would also encourage moms to come to the events. DOGS would love all the pictures we can get to update the display cases.

Event Coordinators:  Angie Caputo, Angie Rolle, Jenn DuBore, Elizabeth Soucoup

  • No update

President/Vice-President:   Angie Carrigan and Elizabeth Soucoup

  • Community Alliance App
    • $9.99 per month per family.
    • Glendale gets $4 back each, check will come quarterly.
  • Kindergarten requested $117.00 for cost of a bus as part of their kindness day at McKenna Crossing. The Board has approved.
  • We also approved hand and foot warmers for outside recess staff.
  • Carnival update
    • We have a lot of donations coming in.
    • Sarah Barbera and Nicole Boyles are doing games
    • Elizabeth Soucoup and Katie Church are doing auction
    • Angie Caputo and Shannon Heinzelman are working on concessions, need to find one or more to be here during the event.
    • Information about the carnival will be sent via Seesaw and teacher emails.  The only paper going home will be the pre-sale of tickets.
  • We have sold 58 tickets for the Timberwolves game.
  • PTC letter of interest
    • A letter will go out to all families to get interest in PTC to list out activities and what we need help with.  We will need event coordinators, somebody to help with yearbook, Fun Run, etc.
  • Welcome to kindergarten night (May 19) we could have a PTC and DOGS table to get the information out to incoming families.

Glendale Events:

February 26:   Spring Pictures

March 9:  PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 PM

March 9: Davanni’s Family Night-1st grade volunteer night

April 7:  PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 PM

April 9:  Teacher Conferences Dinner

April 13: Davanni’s Family Night-Kindergarten volunteer night

April 18-PTC Carnival 11:00-3:00 PM

May 4-8:  Teacher Appreciation Week

May 11: All school Family Fun Night at Davanni’s

May 12:  PTC Meeting at Glendale 6:30 PM

June 4: PTC Teacher Luncheon

PTC Meetings for 2020:

Tuesday, February 11

Monday, March 9

Tuesday, April 7

Tuesday, May 12