05/08/18 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: May 8, 2018  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Glendale Media Center

Attending: Shannon Davis, Angie Carrigan, Andrea Fisher, Lori Parker, Josh Mueller, Kassandra Miller, Angie Caputo, Jennifer Molitor, Chris Jerke

Minutes Review from 4/10/18:  Lori Parker

Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Jerke

  • Carnival was a great success and students are enjoying cashing in on silent auction items
  • MCAs are complete and MAP testing is coming up
  • Fun in the Sun May 22nd and spring field trips
  • MANY thanks for Teacher Appreciation!


Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Molitor


  • Thanks to PTC and families for the support in showing appreciation for teachers!!
  • Enjoyed cashing in on the silent auction Principal for the Day with a student
  • Nurses were very appreciative of the $100 from PTC
  • Wrapping up MCAs and prepping for MAP
  • Student art recognition
  • Successful welcome to families transitioning to Glendale
  • Chromebooks – increase in price from $3500 to $4300 for 15 chromebooks and will adjust quantity to stay within the $3500
  • Gym sound system – in the process getting bids on the sound system
  • The Wave piece of playground equipment broke and had to be removed


Treasurer’s Report: Stephanie Janasko via Angie Carrigan

  • Teachers have until June 1 to turn in their reimbursement requests. There are 14 teachers who have not submitted reimbursement for the 2017-2018 year. A reminder will be sent.
  • A budget spreadsheet was presented. Our current accounts have a total of $23,451.11.
  • Angie and Stephanie will be meeting with Mrs. Molitor in May to discuss the Teacher Collection Money process moving forward. We suggest all PTC run school events (such as Valentine’s day) be budgeted through the PTC instead of teachers needing to collect money from parents at the beginning of the year.
  • New Treasurer for 2018/2019-2019/2020 term: Josh Mueller. Welcome! Stephanie will be on-boarding him in the coming months. Thank you very much for volunteering your time.
  • Davanni’s checks:
    • We still have not received the Davanni’s checks for February ($177.00) or March ($186.59).
    • What was the April amount we should be expecting?
  • Thank you to the PTC Board and Teachers for supporting me in my role as Treasurer this year. Although I am stepping down to welcome our new baby girl in September, you can bet that I will be back


Box Tops/Milk Moola:  Amy Morrill

  • June 1 will be the deadline for turning in Box Tops/Milk Moola Submissions
  • Any submitted after that date are not guaranteed to be provided with the restaurant / activity coupon prior to the last day of school. We can start the program up again in August and hopefully families will continue to collect them over the summer. 
  • No plans to make big changes to the Box Top program.


Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • Discuss what cost per student should be for next year to avoid overage ($4200).
  • Increase in number of scholarships from last year to next year and anticipate an increase for next year (possibly 75-80).
  • Suggest keeping it at $60/year.
  • Overage difference from last year to this year is likely from switching from parent purchasing to utilizing district shopping sources.


School Store:  Andrea Fisher and Amy Jones

  • We decided that our last Glenmart was this past Friday (May 4th).  Only made $5.50 in sales last week. 
  • I’ll be sending out thank you notes to kiddos with a little treat for them. 
  • Current funds: $1052. 
  • For next year refresh Glenmart with some new items to get kids excited.


Event Coordinators: Andrea Fisher, Amy Ebel, Angie Caputo and Angie Rolle

  • Teacher appreciation – everyone’s photo taken today, breakfast & lunch for teachers and Laker pride Friday
  • Last Davanni’s night for kindergarten is May 14th.  Checks for past two months were mailed out.  I’ll get them to Stephanie when they are in. 
  • End of year party is June 1. We need to talk together as a team – discussed the option of bringing in an ice cream truck ($25 deposit/$50 travel to be at GD for an hour with $150 minimum. $1.50 – $3.50 prices.
  • Last day of school lunch on June 7. There will be about 65 staff members to take part in lunch that day. Begin working on food ideas and reach out to places for donations. 


DOGS:  Mike Glum and Josh Keifer

  • No updates.


President/Vice-President:  Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

  • Voting on Josh Mueller as Treasurer, Kassandra Miller as Secretary, and Jenn DuBore as Event Coordinator
  • **Nominated by Angie and seconded by Shannon and all agreed
  • Still openings for Event Coordinator and School Store
  • Getting quotes on new speaker system for gym
  • Prior Lake Music Fest will be held at Lakefront Park on July 13 & 14, 2018!  
    • Young the Giant will be headlining on Friday, July 13. Gretchen Wilson and Hunter Hayes will be headlining Saturday, July 14!
    • The Prior Lake Rotary has offered us an opportunity to raise money to support Glendale through tickets sales and volunteer hours.
    • CONCERT TICKETS: Glendale will receive 50% of any ticket sales that go through the following website: http://www.tempotickets.com/ptcglendale
    • Concert tickets will also be available for purchase in the Glendale office from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM 
    • Monday-Friday. Checks can be made out to: The Prior Lake Rotary Foundation.
    • VOLUNTEERS: We need 15 people to volunteer on behalf of Glendale to fill the 50 hours that have been assigned to us.  Non-profits are given a donation of $20 per hour completed by each volunteer.  There will be 3-hour shifts with each volunteer getting 2 tickets for the Music Fest for free and a t-shirt.  The volunteer website is: http://www.lakefrontmusicfest.com/become-a-volunteer.html
    • Please help us spread the word! Post on your Facebook, email you friends and co-workers. Our school could easily generate more than $5,000 by taking part in this AMAZING partnership!

Thank you to all the PTC members and Staff for your time, effort and energy into making our school an amazing place to be.  We truly couldn’t do it without your help!



May 2-6-Teacher Appreciation Week

May 22-Fun in the Sun

June 1- PTC End of the year Party 6:15-8:00pm

June 7- Last day of school (3hr early release)