05/05/20 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC Meeting Notes

Date: May 5, 2020  6:30 PM

Location of Meeting: Zoom

Attending: Elizabeth Soucoup, Angie Carrigan, Josh Mueller, Amy Morrill, Nicole, Jennifer Molitor, Melanie Anderson,Sheila Erpenbach, Megan Young, Scott Sanborn

Minutes Review from 3/9/20: Elizabeth Soucoup

Teacher’s Report:  Mrs. Anderson

  • MANY thanks for Teacher Appreciation – teachers really liked the parade and goodie bags on May 4. So great to see the kids! Donations were received by parents and the teachers are overwhelmed with the kindness.

Teacher Requests:

  • 4th grade teachers (represented by Mrs. Young):
    • Requesting $2,670 for the Kindness Retreat. The cost is for the Retreat Team and the rental space.
    • This is an annual event for 4th graders. It is a field trip where all 4th graders go to McColl Pond. Kids get to know one another where they dance, hear stories, act, and it is centered around kindness, not bullying and being able to work through problems. Weekly lessons tie into this.
    • It wasn’t held this past school year so the teachers held it themselves during Valentine’s week.
    • The budget for this is $2,500 and a motion is passed to raise the budget. This was passed for $2,800. Elizabeth 2nd the motion and others agreed.
  •  5th grade teachers (represented by Mrs. Erpenbach):
    • Students and teachers are sad that the fun events that happen at the end of the year for 5th graders won’t happen. For example, the end of year ceremony, Fun in the Sun event, and more.
    • Medals for reading award have been funded ($350 – but expect to need ~$175 of that for the medals). They do not know how many will be needed because reading logs are not due for two more weeks.
    • Another idea was to get t-shirts but do not have the money for this. Thought money left from medals could be used but do not know how much money they will have.
    • The other idea is to have a goody bag – and the t-shirt could be included in it. They do not want parents to need to pay for any of this.
    • Paar Sports could provide a cotton blend t-shirt for $7. There are 121 students in 5th grade – plus one for each teacher.
    • Josh recommends to use the money that was set aside for Wolf Ridge and was not used. In total can have $1,350 for medals, t-shirts and bags to put them in. No vote was made since this expense was part of the budget.
    • T-shirt sizes will be requested and Angie will place the order. Desire is to have them by May 26.

Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Molitor

  • Thanks to PTC and families for the support in showing appreciation for teachers!! So great to see everyone during the parade and it was emotional to see everyone.
  • Teachers have gone above and beyond to get into action to help, meet student needs and ensure students know they are loved and cared for. Parents have been wonderful and they recognize how difficult it can be at home.
  • They are looking at the end of the year and considering how to ensure kindergartners and 5th graders have a great end of the year.
  • Thank you, thank you for all the support.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Echos that Teacher Appreciation was awesome. Brought in almost $2,300. Some people even dropped off checks at his house. A few teachers also donated.
  • I removed all Carnival revenues and expenses (except for those already incurred)
  • Revenue will finish around $43,300 vs a budget of $50,500.  Lots of puts and takes here but basically lost Carnival revenue is being partially offset by teacher appreciation donations.
  • Expenses will finish around $35,900 vs a budget of $44,100.  Same as revenue, Carnival expenses are down versus teacher appreciation being up.
  • Ending cash balance will be around $26,000 vs a budget of $25,000.  Puts and takes again get us to a fairly net neutral cash position at the end of the year.
  • Teacher allocations – 12 still yet to be paid out for a total of $2,200.  I have them in the forecasted expenses. An email was sent to them from Melanie Anderson giving them a May 15 deadline.
  • I know we’re going to be discussing the Kindness retreat so wanted to call out that we did have it in the budget for this year ($2,500) but did not spend it.
  • Venmo worked well so plan to keep using it since it was used more than Zelle. Will need a new cell phone number to tie to the Venmo account.

Box Tops:  Amy Morrill

  • Will submit physical Box Tops that have been collected since the last submission (end of October 2019). Should be close to $130. 
  • Extra coupons will be dropped off at the office.
  • Collection of physical Box Tops will continue until at least 11/1/2022, which is the oldest expiration date seen. 
  • Need to hand-off the collection going forward. Amy’s youngest child will be attending Jeffers Pond for his final year of elementary school.
  • Maintenance of the website will also be handed off.

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • All snack cart resale accounts are on hold. Decision will be made if refunds will be made for months not used.
  • Any food items that were left at any of the school were collected and distributed for school lunches.

School Store:  Nicole Boyles

  • $500 was donated to ROCK the first week that schools were closed.
  • Price estimates have been received for new supplies.
  • Plan is to build new shelves. John Soucoup to assist.
  • Ending the year with ~$1600.

Event Coordinators: Elizabeth representing

  • All events have been canceled.

DOGS:  Scott Sanborn

  • Have not had any meetings at The Wilds due to COVID-19. In the future hope to have an annual golf event too.
  • For folders, he has talked to some printing locations and is looking at what Five Hawks does regarding their printing. Getting sponsors will likely be hard. Hoping to have local businesses and maybe a contest with the kids to design the cover.

President/Vice-President:  Angie Carrigan 

  • 10 new tree stumps were donated Glendale for outdoor reading space
  • Birdseed from carnival being donated to Junior Naturalist
  • We have 1yr to use the Inflatable from carnival, could possibly use at Back to School Night in Fall
  • Board Nominations for 2020/2021 – all surfaced by Angie and agreed upon by meeting attendees
    President-Nominee Elizabeth Soucoup
    Vice President- Nominee Nicole Boyles
    Treasurer- Nominee Josh Mueller, amendment for a 3rd year
    Secretary-Shannon Heinzelman, (current) going into 2nd year
    Event coordinators-Nominee Britini Kesselring
    School store-Nicole Boyles (returning)
    Snack Cart- Lynn Sikkink (returning)
    Retiring PTC members; Amy Morrill, Angie Caputo, Angie Carrigan, Angie Rolle and Jenn Dubore
  • Positions needed: website, 2-3 more event coordinators, someone to take on Box Tops

In closing I wanted to give a BIG Thank you to Glendale for growing the minds and hearts of our three girls. It’s been 12 years and I’ve seen people come and go, but one thing that has stayed the same the sense of family. It’s been my pleasure to serve as a board member for the past 6 years. All the best!
Angie Carrigan


May 4-8-Teacher Appreciation Week

June 4- Last day of school