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Glendale PTC Minutes

August 22, 2018 6:30 PM

Bonfire Restaurant, Savage



Josh Mueller, Angie Carrigan, Mrs. Molitor, Jenn DuBore, Angie Rolle, Amy Morrill, Lynn Sikkink, Angie Caputo, Shannon Davis, Any Jones


Treasurer’s Report

  • Teacher allocations will be distributed at the teacher lunch on August 29, 2018.
  • This year we would like to use our fundraising money for flexible seating in the classrooms.


Principal Report

  • Renovations are finished.
  • We currently have 668 students enrolled this school year.
  • K-3 each have five sections, 4th grade has 4 sections, and 5th grade has 4 sections. There has been a shift of classrooms and all grades are together.
  • We now have 1 cart of chrome books for each grade level.
  • The theme for this year is, What a Wonderful World.
  • Glendale has a new curriculum this year called 2nd Step.  It is based on  “How to do School”.  The first all school meeting will be based around 2nd Step.
  • Our all school meetings will now be conducted between 9:25-9:45 AM, once a month.
  • The district has started a new security system called Raptor.  All parents or guardians need to show a government issued ID that will be run a background check  in the sexual predator database before entering the school.  Every time a parent or guardian comes and sign in they will have to show their ID and they will get a printed badge.


Box Tops / Labels for Education / Milk Moola

  • Box tops will be submitted sometime in October.
  • Information for box tops, labels, and Milk Moola will be handed out to the teachers to give in their back to school packets.


Snack Cart

  • Supplies have been purchased for the start of the school year.
  • We are anticipating more students signed up for snack cart.  We also are predicting more scholarships this year.
  • The office will not be collecting cash or checks this year. Everything will be done on Fee Pay. The office will set up scholarship donations in Fee Pay accounts. We may need to increase the price of snack cart.


School Store

  • We are starting this year off with $1050.00.
  • We would like to get new and bigger items.  Some ideas are: T-shirts, water bottles, headbands, and bring back some of the popular items like garden pots.
  • We are looking for new places to have Glenmart.
  • We need to look at the school schedule to decide when to open.


Event Reports

  • Teacher welcome back Lunch will be on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, in the All-purpose room.  We are planning to feed 85 people.  We are hoping to get a donated cake.
  • We are starting to look for volunteers and Ideas for our “Back to School Night” which is Friday, September 14, 2018 from 6:15-8PM.
  • Front case will be set up this week.



  • Lori Michels from the Laker Store will be coming with samples of our WE ARE GLENDALE shirts for the kids and will be taking orders for purchase. She will also, have other merchandise for sale.
  • Angie Motioned to purchase t-shirts for all new teacher employees at Glendale, the motion was seconded by Jenn DuBore.  The motion was passed that the PTC will purchase new shirts for the new teacher employees for this year.
  • The PTC contributed $5000.00 for the new gym audio system. This will be installed in October.
  • The Fun Run kick off is Friday September 14, 2018. The Fun Run will take place on October 5, 2018.  The planning process has started and the first meeting will be on Monday August 27, 2018. Our goal this year is $30,000 to fund flexible seating in the classrooms.
  • We are looking at using a different software this year for our buzz books. It is called MYSCHOOLANYWHERE.



September 11-PTC Mtg. 6:30 @ Glendale

September 14- PTC Back to school Night 6:15-8:00

September 14-FunRun Kickoff

September 21-Picture Day

September 27-ESTEM Day