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Glendale PTC Meeting Minutes

September 11th, 2018 6:30 PM

Glendale Elementary Media Center


Attendance: Angie Carrigan, Shannon Davis, Neal Hansen, Chris Jerke, Melanie Anderson, Megan Bergstrom, Ajay Mandel, Nicole Baylor, Jennifer Molitor, Angie Caputo.

Minutes Review from 8/22/2018:   reviewed by Shannon Davis

Teacher’s Report: Mrs. Anderson/Mrs. Jerke

  • Assessment days went well. Teachers are trying to work on routines and procedures in the classrooms with the students.  2nd Step learning will be done in morning meetings.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller via Angie Carrigan

  • -Budget has been set and approved by Mrs. Molitor for the 2018/2019 school year

    -Expenses: $319 for staff appreciation

    $330 for Fun Run admin

    -2 teacher allocations have come in

    -Currently we have $1,400 in checking and $10,900 in Savings

    -Reimbursement check process

Principal Report: Mrs. Molitor

  • Glendale started a New thing this year for the Kindergarten first day of school.  Half of each kindergarten class went to school on Tuesday and the other half went on Wednesday.  It was a way to slowly transition the students into school by practicing routine and what to do when you start school with a smaller class size. Teachers have received great feedback.  Mrs. Molitor will be sending out a questionnaire to parents to see if it was beneficial and if we should consider this for next year.  The day started with parent and child from 9:30-10:30 in the classrooms, then a meeting with Mrs. Molitor at 10:30, and finally parent pickup at 2.  There are currently 671 students enrolled at Glendale. The first all school meeting is Friday, September 14, 2018.  Drop off and pick up is getting smoother.  Planners are to be paid on fee pay this year.  Office would like to see if the PTC would purchase planners for the grades that use planners next year.  The cost would be $1500.00-1600.00.  Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Jerke will ask teachers how often planners are being used.

Box Tops/Labels for Education/Milk Moola: Amy Morrill

  • Website has been updated with current information, no new news to report.

Snack Cart: Lynn Sikkink

  • Cost was determined to stay at $60, with an option to add additional scholarships on Fee pay. Snack cart is going well.  The students and teachers feel there is a good selection of snacks.

School Store: Amy Jones/Nicole Boyles

  • We have a bid for water bottles to sell at the school store for $193.50.  Forms for the 5th graders will be going out soon.  Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Jerke, and Mrs. Molitor will discuss with the teachers on where they think the best place to have Glenmart is.

Event Coordinators: Angie Caputo/Angie Rolle/ Jenn DeBore and Kassandra Miller

  • We will be purchasing food for back to school night.  We will have $3.00 meal deals. There will be a fire truck, a treat walk, and we will be pulling gym toys to play with.  We are hoping to get 250 people this year.  The PTC would like to have more teacher involvement at our events.

President/Vice-President: Angie Carrigan and Shannon Davis

  • The PTC is looking into several options for a new Dye cut machine.  Melanie Anderson will contact Redtail Ridge to get the information on their machine.  We are also considering getting a trade-in, refurbished machine of the current one we have.  The Fun Run kick off is this Friday, September 14, at the all school meeting.  Spirit wear from the Laker Store will be at the Back to school night.  She will bring order forms.  We would like to propose a new and more cost-effective way to do the CARE awards.  Students will earn tickets and then put into a drawing, and the office can choose the frequency of the raffle. The prizes would be donated items that they can choose from if their name is drawn.  We would have a running list, so kids would not be drawn twice.  The PTC will start collecting donated items.

DOGS: Josh Keifer

  • No updates


PTC Fun Run Kickoff-Sept 14

PTC Back to School Night-Sept 14 6:15-8:00

Fall Picture Day-Sept 21

ESTEM Day-Sept 27


DOGS Pancake Breakfast-Nov 10 8:30-11:00am

PTC Teacher Conf Dinners-Nov 15 3:00-7:00pm

PTC ESTEM Night-Jan 18 6:15-8:00pm

I love to Read Month-February

DOGS Winter Blast-Feb 1

Spring Picture Day-Feb 27

PTC Teacher Conf Dinner-Mar 14 3:00-7:00pm

PTC Carnival-Mar 23 11:00-3:00pm

PTC End of the Year Party-May 31 6:30-8:00pm


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