Glendale PTC Agenda

May 10th, 2016 6:30 PM

Media Center

Attendees: Jenny Gatti, Sam Richardson, Sarah Barbera, Emily Elg, Angie Carrigan, Amy Jones, Julie Galbus, Stephanie Janasko, Renee Walter, Julie Donahue, Lori Parker

Minutes Review from 4/5/16:  Lori Parker

Teacher’s Report:  Julie Donohue

  • Wonderful teacher appreciation – everyone felt included and appreciation from students was authentic
  • Earth Day – students had fun with Bingo and the photography contest
  • MCAs are completed and MAP testing is underway
  • Planning for a “preview” day visit for the upcoming grade level on June 6th, yearbook signing, field trips, fun in the sun

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Richardson

  • WE day in St. Paul – CARES agents and 5th grade Junior Naturalists attended, created a presentation and shared with classrooms
  • Google Expedition – teacher guided exploration using Google Goggles
  • Referendum vote is May 24th

Treasurer’s Report:  Emily Elg

  • Expenses
    • Custodian appreciation $150.85
    • Postage $37.60
    • Douglas Wood I Love to Read $1075
    • DOGS ESTEM $93
    • School Lyceum Assesmbly $1025
    • Teacher Allocations $1376.13
    • IPod $48
    • Carnival $2320.20
  • Credits
    • Carnival $13,570

Mentoring Program:  Amy Ebel

  • Will be ready to take off in the fall

School Store/Snack Cart:  Renee Walter

  • Snack cart – the cart is currently wheeled around the building
    • Students and staff agree that this is more efficient
    • It is anticipated that costs are covered
    • Discussed a token of recognition to students and staff that contributed to making the snack cart successful
  • School store – Amy Jones and Tammy Krings will run the store next year
    • Start up planned for the middle of the year
    • End of year sale will be on Friday from 11-2
    • Profit of approximately $1500-2000
    • Discussed profit going towards playground equipment
    • End of year/staff meeting will be held on May 24th with Eileen’s Cookies visiting to talk about running a business

Event Coordinator’s:  Galbus/Jones/Barbera/Frost/Patzman

  • Spring Conferences Teacher Dinner Recap – great food, great amount & happy staff
  • Freddy’s Update
    • May – $61.23
  • End of the Year Party Planning
    • Sweet treat only
    • Activities – DJ, bubble gum bingo, bean bags, hula hoop contest, etc.
    • Prizes left over from the carnival are available
  • End of the year teacher lunch – last year was Fong’s and discussed options


President/Vice President: Jenny Gatti/Angie Carrigan

  • Spring Fundraiser:  Carnival Update
    • Netted approximately $10,400
    • District wide carnivals brought $7,000-10,000 to Glendale in the past
    • 300 Glendale students that filled out raffle tickets and approximately up to 700 total
    • Follow up meeting – looked at most successful games and locations, the Silent Auction brought in approximately $6,000
  • Fall Fundraiser:  Read-A-Thon or Fun Run
    • Discussed options and will revisit
  • Playground Equipment Options
    • Reviewed options using posts that could be added upon over time and looking at installation for summer
    • Jenny Gatti proposed purchasing the 14 Post Netplex from Flagship Recreation with unanimous approval from the board
  • PTC Board Positions for next year
    • Openings:  nominations by Renee Walter & seconded by Angie Carrigan with unanimous approval from the board
    • Box Tops – Amy Morrill
    • School Store – Amy Jones & Tammy Krings
    • Treasurer – Angie Patzman
    • 4 Event Coordinator Positions – Amy Ebel & Meghan Consdorf


Friday, June 3rd:  PTC End of the Year Party 6:15 PM – 8 PM

Tuesday, June 7th:  PTC Meeting in Media Center at 6:30 PM