04/15/2021 PTC Meeting Notes

Attendance: Nicole, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Julie, Melanie, Jenny, Erica, Scott

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson

  • Gearing up for the last 2 months of school
  • Spring conferences
  • 3-5 MCA testing

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor

  • Julie Donohue: 5th grade field trip opportunity
    • Approved $336 for 12 student scholarships to Base Camp
    • Approved $100 for extra ink
    • Approved shift of $1000 from BizTown to Graduation budget
  • Similar update to Melanie’s including MCA testing and spring conferences
  • Ms Quinn’s spring book fair
  • Kindergarten Open House

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • PTC is forecasted to end the year at $31,000 in the bank.  ** This does not account for any spending from ATW challenge except for a portion of the $5,000 allocated for books.
    • Are teachers using/ordering BARE books this year?  Currently have $1500 budgeted … not this year, yes for next year
    • Is BizTown still happening?  Currently have $1000 budgeted … no, shifted to graduation budget
    • Are Readers Notebooks still happening?  Currently have $1500 budgeted … yes, check with Heather on receipt
  • DOGS are forecasted to end the year at $5,300

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Upcoming Restaurant fundraising nights
    • Davannis – 2nd Monday April and May … reschedule April due to MSP curfew

DOGS: Scott Sanborn

  • Outdoor easel building
  • DOGS Golf Tournament
  • Painting blacktop

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Yearbook – Google account to track new orders, expected arrival in mid-May
  • Spring conference boxed salad dinner to staff Thursday
  • Teacher appreciation week dates – May 3-7
  • ATW Fundraising Outstanding Ideas
    • Gaga ball pit
    • Picnic table station
    • Additional books for classrooms – Jenny Olson tracking form
      • Leadership team meeting scheduled for 4/26
      • Teacher library vs classroom library allocations
    • Outdoor learning gear
      • In-Person and DLA teachers?  SPED?  Specialists?
      • $$ allocations per classroom / grade plus extras
  • Lakefront Music Fest volunteering
  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart

** Next (LAST) PTC Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, May 4th