09/14/2021 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Jennifer Molitor, Sarah Kallberg, Nicole Boyles, Melanie Anderson, Elizabeth Soucoup, Josh Mueller, Scott Sanborn, Jenny Olson, Hillary Slama

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson

 -We are so happy to have all the kids back, just ironing out the kinks, and getting organized.

-Upper grades have already taken their assessments.

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor 

-We are off to a great start.

-We look very different this year, DLA teachers came back, no empty classrooms.

-Principals applied for Reading Corp and we have a full time reading interventionist in the building.

-The gaga pit is up – teaching rules and expectations first. Some grades are using it already and some aren’t yet. DOGS could make a sign with the rules to post on/near the pit.

-Tomorrow night is the DOGS meeting at the Wilds at 7pm.

-Tomorrow 4th grade is taking their first field trip over to McColl Pond.

-We are doing Estem this year – Estem day will be October 7.

-Fall pictures are on Sept. 22.

-Friday we will have bus safety and Laker Pride Day – wear blue and gold.

-Tech Levy information is up in the lobby for families to take.

-Our next PTC meeting will be at La Ola del Lago at 6pm with all the PTCs.

-Great big thank you to all of you for the extra headsets and the wonderful lunch workshop and the generous allotments you give all the teachers. Thank you for all your support.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • $55,000: expected revenue throughout the year with the majority coming from the Glendale games ($30,000) and Carnival ($15,000)
  • $62,000: expected expenditures throughout the year coming primarily from
    • $9,500: Teacher allocates remain at $300 per full time teachers and $150 or $100 for specialists.  The full list is in the budget sheet.
    • $14,000:  Community projects and administration costs for fund raisers
    • $35,500: Enrichment projects like WolfRidge, Environmental education, teacher requests, and projects stemming from the fundraisers (Gaga pit, ect), teacher allocations also sit in this bucket but I broke them out above
    • $1,200: Operations like tax prep, web hosting
    • $1,000: Technology like color ink cartridges for Glendale
  • Even though it looks like we will be ending the year in the red, we currently have $17,000 in the bank that can be used to fund projects over and above our expected revenues.

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Restaurant Nights: Chipotle and Eileen’s are coming up.
  • Buzz Book: We got about 70 online and 30 at teacher assessments. Deadline is at the end of this week. Teachers can add a blurb in their newsletters.

Glenmart: Nicole Boyles

  • Applications given to 5th grade, due Sept 20th
  • Schedule and logistics?

Snack Cart: Hillary Slama, Jessica Lane, Sarah Kallberg

-Snacks are here and snack cart started.

-Heather will be sending lists to the teachers.

DOGS: Scott Sanborn 

-Thanks you’s have been sent from the golf tournament.  All the signs have been given back.

-All of the checks have been distributed to the DOGS.

-We are trying to help Edgewood and La Ola del Lago build DOGS groups.

-Upcoming events : 

–Sept. 24 kickball kick off.5:30-7:30, a flyer will go out

–Homecoming Tail Gate Oct. 1 – all of the DOGS groups will be working together at the game giving out hot dogs, chips, etc.

–September meeting tomorrow night

–Things to do: paint the lines, door on gaga pit, rule sign, outdoor learning easels.

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  •  Sept 1st Back to School lunch for staff and Sept 8/9 Assessment Day Table went well
    • 140+ submissions to the guess games
  • Yearbook
    • Student drawing cover contest: when to start/end?  Submitted to printer by Nov 1st
      • Mrs Gus will judge the cover contest again
    • Theme: All In? – all school meeting tentative Sept. 24 so hopefully they will have an idea from that.
    • Signed Agreement – we don’t have it yet but finalizing logistics.
  • Timberwolves Game, date TBD

-Down payment is $100 and we are hoping to get tickets for $20-25

  • Review Request for Funds submitted by Michelle Bahr

-$2676 requested for scooters.  Current scooters are 23 years old.  All students would use these scooters.

  • The Glendale Games – event planned for October 15th
    • Goal of $30,000 … what are we fundraising for?
      • Ideas from staff: 
        • New di-cut machine/Cricut
        • Extra headphones for classrooms/students
        • Stage or curtain for classroom performances … outdoor amphitheater 
        • 2 additional picnic tables
        • Class set of calming fidgets 
        • Class sets of board games, cribbage boards, deck of cards … rainy day bags
      • Previous Ideas:
        • Painting the gym / mural in the school 
        • Updated tech/AV/sound equipment … is this still needed?
    • Jenny Olson leading the games
    • Looking for a volunteer coordinator

Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct 5 4-8pm Chipotle Fundraising Night 
  • Oct 5 All District PTC Meeting
  • Oct 15 The Glendale Games 2021
  • Nov 9 6:30 PTC Meeting (not 11/2 due to election night)