03/02/2021 PTC Meeting Notes

Glendale PTC MINUTES– Tuesday March 2, 2021

Attendee Introduction: Elizabeth Soucoup, Nicole Boyles, Jenny Olson, Josh Mueller, Jennifer Molitor, Melanie Anderson, Sarah Barbera, Shannon Heinzelman

Minutes from Prior PTC Meeting

Teacher’s Report: Melanie Anderson

-Phy ed loved the sleds, they were amazing. They were all very well used and have cracked and died.

-Lots of teachers are getting their vaccines, 1st and 2nd doses.  This is leading to a lot of absences but overall it is great.

-1st grade is doing animal reports. 3rd grade is learning about ancient civilizations. 5th grade didn’t get to go Wolf Ridge but they are doing some of those things virtual with the naturalists.  5th grade also raised money to help the Sandwich Man.

-Recess is going to be writing up a request for some outdoor social distancing items for the kids.

Principal’s Report: Jennifer Molitor

-We will be reaching out to the DOGS to paint the black top.  4 square and some other fun activities would be great at recess for social distancing. 

-We were hopeful that the kids could go to Wolf Ridge in the spring but they aren’t ready to open yet.  The naturalists have already done some virtual learning with our kids.  We are trying to bring it to life as much as we can throughout spring.

-We are settled in now.  Things are going really well. We figured out the lunch (20 minutes)/recess (15 minutes). 

-We have a lockdown drill this week, learning about hiding.

-CARES breakfast this Friday morning.

-Kindness week went over extremely well.  

-Thanks to all the teachers and everybody who has put in time and effort to make success for students.

-We have conferences and spring break coming up.  

-MCA tests are around the corner. 

-We are excited to have some routine back.

Treasurer’s Report: Josh Mueller

  • Increased forecast for Around the World from $15,000 to $25,000
  • Account balance projected at $28,500 which is up from previous year by about $2,700
    • This not take into account ATW planned spending

Event Coordinators: Britni Kesselring, Jenny Olson, Erica Bugenhagen

  • Upcoming Restaurant fundraising nights
    • El Parian: 25% of sales 3/19
    • Chipotle (Savage): 33% of sales March 17th 4-8pm
    • Davannis – 2nd Monday starting in March, April and May
  • The Pointe Pizza fundraiser – sold 40 pizzas, PTC made $280

DOGS: Scott Sanborn

President / Vice President: Elizabeth Soucoup and Nicole Boyles

  • Yearbook
    • Thank you to teachers who have provided pictures
    • Deadline for submitting photos is March 19th as finished yearbook must be submitted by April 5th
    • Sales now closed, sold 258 of 400 we were contracted for with Lifetouch
      • Does PTC want to purchase for students in need or 5th grade?
    • Potential for Nicole to come in and take new student/staff pictures
  • Spring Fundraiser – Around the World theme
    • As of right now we are at $15,960.  We are going to Asia!
    • 23 super star students – kids who have raised $250+
    • Fundraiser goes through March 12th.
  • Spring conferences in April – can we provide dinner to staff?
    • Yes, would have to be boxed/packaged meals.
    • 15th or 22nd would work best.
    • We can have parents donate drinks.
  • Food truck night in May?
    • We would have to schedule something before they are booked up.  Some of the food trucks give a % back.  
    • With spring break coming up it’s hard to predict.  We can look into whether there’s a cancellation fee.
  • Programs on hold: Glenmart, Snack Cart

** Next PTC Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th (pushed out a week due to spring break)